Elegant, timeless and delicate wedding shoes and accessories with a hint of vintage glamour.

The Bridal Collection is designed around our head-to-toe ethos. The hair decorations, bridal bags and wedding shoes are created to complement one another so you can easily complete your bridal look. Our couture inspired embellishments seen on many of our shoes and accessories are hand-beaded and all designed by Emmy exclusively for the Emmy London Brand. These beautiful wedding shoes are developed in London and are handcrafted in our dedicated workshop using only the finest suede and leathers.

Cinderella - Ivory Kid Suede - Bridal Shoe - Ivory Kid Suede - High Heel - Sandal - Silver Leather Trim


Beaded Bridal Sandals

$995.00 Ex VAT

Cecile Ivory

Cecile Ivory

Closed-toe Bridal Sandals

$1,050.00 Ex VAT



Flat Floral Bridal Pumps

$545.00 Ex VAT

Carrie - Bridal Shoe - Velvety Kid Suede Upper - Flat - Swarovski Trim


Flat Bridal Pumps

$495.00 Ex VAT



Flat Beaded Wedding Sandals

$715.00 Ex VAT

Maya Comb

Maya Comb

Art Deco Bridal Hair Comb

$255.00 Ex VAT

Beatrice Lipstick Red Bridal Shoes Designed By Emmy London


Red Embellished Shoes

$1,095.00 Ex VAT

Alice Gold Bridal Shoes Designed by Emmy London Blush Suede and Mirror Glass


Gold Embellished Shoes

$1,095.00 Ex VAT

Madeleine Gold Bridal Strap Sandal made in Leather by Emmy London

Madeleine Gold

Gold Leather Sandals

$495.00 Ex VAT

Ivory Wedge Peep Toe Wedding Shoes Designed by Emmy London


Ivory Wedge Wedding Shoe

$545.00 Ex VAT

Leila Wedge

Leila Wedge

Wedge Bridal Sandals

$645.00 Ex VAT

Emmy London Penny Bridal Shoes in Gold Leather and Ivory Suede Stiletto Heel


Modern Wedding Sandal

$495.00 Ex VAT

Penny Vapour Bridal Sandal by Emmy London Grey and Gold Suede and Leather Wedding Shoe High Heel

Penny Vapour

Modern Wedding Sandal

$495.00 Ex VAT

Leila Gold - Bridal Shoe - Ivory Kid Suede and Metallic Leather - High Heel - Sandal

Leila Gold

Thirties Bridal Sandals

$585.00 Ex VAT

Cilla Sky

Cilla Sky

Pointed Wedding Shoes

$815.00 Ex VAT

Blue Pom Pom Court Shoes Made by Emmy London Luxury Shoes and Accessories

Suzannah Duck Egg


$615.00 Ex VAT

Isadora Wedding Shoes with super high heel and illusion floral embellishment


Illusion Wedding Shoe

$905.00 Ex VAT



Blush Floral Bridal Shoes

$955.00 Ex VAT