Super special metallic shoes and accessories for your big day

Alice Gold Bridal Shoes Designed by Emmy London Blush Suede and Mirror Glass


Gold Embellished Shoes

$1,095.00 Ex VAT

Madeleine Gold Bridal Strap Sandal made in Leather by Emmy London

Madeleine Gold

Gold Leather Sandals

$495.00 Ex VAT

Cilla Jet Black and Gold Event Shoes by Emmy London

Cilla Jet

Black & Gold Party Shoe

$815.00 Ex VAT

Cilla Sky

Cilla Sky

Pointed Wedding Shoes

$815.00 Ex VAT

Cinderella - Ivory Kid Suede - Bridal Shoe - Ivory Kid Suede - High Heel - Sandal - Silver Leather Trim


Beaded Bridal Sandals

$995.00 Ex VAT

Esme - Bridal Shoe - Kid Suede and Gold Leather - High Heel - Peep Toe - Gold Leather Trim


Peep-toe Suede Wedding Shoes

$815.00 Ex VAT

Gold Daisy Pins

Gold Daisy Pins

Gold Hair Pins

$185.00 Ex VAT


Ivy Gold

Satin T-bar Bridal Sandals

$665.00 Ex VAT

Leila Gold - Bridal Shoe - Ivory Kid Suede and Metallic Leather - High Heel - Sandal

Leila Gold

Thirties Bridal Sandals

$585.00 Ex VAT

Mimi Gold - Baby Girl Shoes - Gold Leather

Mimi Gold

Gold Buckled Baby Shoes

$155.00 Ex VAT

Teardrop Comb

Teardrop Comb

Crystal Bridal Comb

$200.00 Ex VAT

Emmy London Penny Bridal Shoes in Gold Leather and Ivory Suede Stiletto Heel


Modern Wedding Sandal

$495.00 Ex VAT