Timeless, elegant shoes and accessories.

The simplicity of our Occasion Collection really sets it apart from the crowd. From the heel position to toe shape, Emmy London shoes are carefully designed to ensure superb comfort and wear, while our clutch bags are light weight and made from the same glorious super soft kid suede. These sophisticated shoes and accessories truly stand the test of time.


Chloe Claret Emmy London Event Shoe Claret Red Burgundy Sandal with Close Toe

Chloe Claret

Dark Red and Gold Shoe

$585.00 Ex VAT

Cilla Jet Black and Gold Event Shoes by Emmy London

Cilla Jet

Black & Gold Party Shoe

$815.00 Ex VAT

Poppy Jet - Occasion Shoe - Jet Black Kid Suede - Mid Heel - Court Shoe

Poppy Jet

Black Suede Court Shoes

$495.00 Ex VAT

Chloe Cinder Occasion Closed Toe Sandals in Grey Emmy London

Chloe Cinder

Closed-Toe Sandal

$585.00 Ex VAT

Alice Gold Bridal Shoes Designed by Emmy London Blush Suede and Mirror Glass


Gold Embellished Shoes

$1,095.00 Ex VAT

Beatrice Lipstick Red Bridal Shoes Designed By Emmy London


Red Embellished Shoes

$1,095.00 Ex VAT

Poppy - Bridal Shoe - Ivory Kid Suede - Mid Heel - Court Shoe


Ivory Suede Bridal Shoes

$495.00 Ex VAT

Cecile Blush Embellished Bridal Shoes By Emmy London

Cecile Blush

Closed-toe Bridal Sandals

$1,050.00 Ex VAT



Blush Floral Bridal Shoes

$955.00 Ex VAT



Flat Floral Bridal Pumps

$545.00 Ex VAT

Madeleine Gold Bridal Strap Sandal made in Leather by Emmy London

Madeleine Gold

Gold Leather Sandals

$495.00 Ex VAT